4 Tips to Find the Correct Lug Nuts

Are you looking for fresh wheel locks or lug nuts? Look st KSP Performance’s Ford F350 lug nuts. There are several kinds of lug nuts; the proper one will certainly differ by your automobile and wheel design. It’s easy to presume that your car’s year, make, and version must point you toward the right lug nut or wheel lock.

Depending on your car’s alternatives or submodel, you may have different wheels than your next-door neighbor who drives the same auto. Because of this, it’s crucial to consider your wheels when choosing a new wheel lug nut or wheel lock. Here are four suggestions to assist you in finding and selecting the ideal lug nut or wheel lock.

Examine Your Lorry’s Thread Size

This is the best starting indicate identify what kind of wheel lug nut or wheel lock you will certainly need. Many car makers will systematize the wheel lug string dimension for a certain make and design. However, makers will make changes and updates to more recent generations. Using the precise year, make, model, and submodel will aid you in finding one of the most accurate string dimension info.

Learn What Seating Design You Need

After you have determined the correct string dimension, it’s time to choose your wheel’s seating design or lug nut mating surface. However, several manufacturer-specific standards can vary depending on which wheel lock or haul nut you need. Cone seat lug nuts are the most typical type. A mag seat lug nut is undoubtedly required for Toyota’s lightweight aluminum wheels. Contrarily, Toyota steel wheels will unquestionably use a cone seat lug nut. This is just one instance of exactly how vital it is to know your wheel application and your car info when looking for lug nuts or wheel locks.

Understand What Lug Nut Design is Best For Your Wheel

If you’re replacing manufacturing facility lug nuts, it is best to stick with an OEM design lug nut or wheel lock to ensure that it fits ideal with your wheel and lug wrench. There are many lug nut designs to select from, ranging from a typical acorn design to a spline drive lug nut implied for aftermarket wheels. If you recently purchased some stylish new aftermarket wheels, ask the manufacturer or dealer about the best carry nut style.

Do Your Lug Nuts Have Any Unique Needs?

There are various types of lug nuts. Some wheel or vehicle-specific lug nut designs are available. Consider the 2011 Ford Combination as an illustration. Since hubcaps are held in place by the wheel nuts on steel wheels with hubcaps, you would undoubtedly require a lug nut with the same precise functions as the factory one. On the other hand, the same 2011 Ford Fusion with aluminum wheels will use various lug nuts since there are no hubcaps to maintain.

Different other cars have similar examples specific to the supplier or wheel kind. Some other special lug nut demands might include utilizing flexible, twin threaded, extended thread, or lug nuts with a left-hand string pattern instead of the more usual right-hand thread pattern. Must look at Dodge Ram 3500 lug nuts.

That understood there was a lot to consider when purchasing brand-new lug nuts or wheel locks? Are you getting shed, puzzled, or overwhelmed with every one of the possible options for your wheels?

If you need added help, reach out to our Customer Experience group. Our fitment professionals will gladly offer some advice to aid you in discovering new lug nuts and wheel locks.


Depending on the wheel’s manufacturer and product type, the seating surface area will have a different shape. It is preferable to use an OEM-style lug nut or wheel lock when changing factory lug nuts to fit perfectly with your wheel and lug wrench. If you recently purchased some sleek new aftermarket wheels, check with the manufacturer or supplier of your wheels to see which haul nut design they advise.


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