5 tips for using a laser level

The laser level has improved the ease and accuracy of measuring a level line, or plumb line, for many trades people. They can set the laser level, make their measurements, mark it, and away they go. However, it’s not exactly that simple. So, we are going to give you 5 tips for using your laser level.


If your laser level isn’t accurate then your results will never be right. So, you must calibrate your laser level regularly. It should have an accuracy of at least +/- 2mm over 20m. This is your standard minimum, but the manufacturer of your laser level should include the settings for your particular level, making it much more accurate than a string or chalk line.


To achieve the level of accuracy the laser level is set for, you also must ensure that your laser level is stable. Whether you use a tripod or a clamp to attach the laser level to a pole, it needs to be balanced, steady, and level. Otherwise, your level lines won’t be correct. Even a vibrating surface can put off the machine’s accuracy.


Sometimes the laser line of your laser level can be difficult to see. This is usually because of the brightness of the surroundings you are trying to use it in. This visibility can especially be an issue if you must use your laser level outside on a bright trendingbird, clear day. However, you can solve the problem by using the laser level in darker conditions, by wearing coloured glasses to help your eyes pick up the laser line, or by using a laser detector to identify where the beam is.


The better the quality of your laser level, the better its accuracy tolerance will be. Also, when you look at laser levels to purchase, don’t think that because it says self-levelling you don’t have to do any calibrating. You will, but don’t worry it’s not hard to do. We suggest you buy a quality laser level from a quality components dealer, our preferred one is RS. If you need more information on quality brands and laser levels, then contact the team at RS. The experts there can put you on the right track starwikibio.


Make sure you take care of your laser level. It is not a ruler that you can throw in the back of the van and not worry about. It is a precision machine and should be handled respectfully. The more your laser level gets knocked around, the more calibrating you will have to perform.

Our 5 tips for using a laser level include considering the environment it is to be used in, the stability of the machine, its quality, how you treat it and take care of it, as well as the importance of calibrating a laser level regularly. By following our tips your level lines will be accurate, easy to achieve, and your laser level will last longer. Remember, you can get your quality laser level from RS today.

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