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The popular YouTuber KSI is one of the hottest creators today. He started his YouTube channel when he was a teenager and has since amassed over 20.5 million subscribers. His first single reached the UK’s top 30 singles charts. He now has six albums to his credit and has collaborated with rappers like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

His rise to fame has been accompanied by controversy. KSI’s girlfriend Marina Joyce is also a YouTuber. During their early YouTube careers, they lived together. While Deji is messy and KSI did not want to live with her, they fought over a video. Deji claimed that KSI paid for four abortions, but KSI refused to take the video down. In addition, his parents disapproved of his videos. Nevertheless, he has remained positive and has gained an enormous following.

KSI is a popular YouTube star and a rapper. His name stands for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. He also has a very active YouTube channel with over 23 million subscribers. KSI has been able to get his start as a video game commentator and helped form a group called the Sidemen, which uploads sketches and challenges. Over the past few years, he has branched out into music. In addition to his YouTube videos, he has released an album called “All Over the Place” and a new single titled “Not Over Yet.”

Although KSI was initially discouraged by his parents, they became supportive of his YouTube career and even appeared in some of his videos. He began recording YouTube videos while in his teens under the username JideJunior in 2008. His YouTube videos focused on playing FIFA video games. KSI’s videos soon gained a large following among FIFA fans. In 2012, he began to earn a good amount of money from YouTube.


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