Is Eating Frozen Yogurt Reliablely Unwanted?

The high street has a new obsession: frozen yogurt. New frozen yogurt bars have opened across the country. One brand, Snog, has been spotted by celebrities eating it. Snog recently signed a deal with Unilever to expand its brand to cities from Bath to Leeds. Another frozen yogurt chain businesslognews, Yoomoo, has a branch in Harrods. But is eating frozen yogurt truly unwanted?

Many benefits of eating frozen yogurt include lower lactose content, live bacteria, and nutrients for good bone health. It also has fewer calories than ice cream newmags. When deciding to eat frozen yogurt, however, it is important to consider its calories and what type of toppings you choose. While the high sugar content is not good for you irtdaily, some frozen yogurt brands contain beneficial bacteria. Probiotics can boost the immune system and improve digestion.

Many brands of frozen yogurt are dairy-free, but people with allergies should consult with a health professional if they experience severe symptoms. Frozen yogurt comes in dozens of flavors and you can find no-sugar artdailynewsonline, low-sugar, and even non-dairy options. Flavors range from classic fruit flavors to funky, colorful creations. There’s a frozen yogurt to suit every taste and health preference.

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