MKA By Dr.Kingsley is a Canadian skincare product.

“MKA By Dr.Kingsley” is a Canadian brand of premium quality skin care products. Highlights with pure natural ingredients. Mix of science and nature Balance the microbiome on the skin, making the skin layer stronger. Guaranteed by serious development and innovation. by formula development team and brand owner which is a famous surgeon in the top of the United States Inventing unique ingredients The main ingredients have been certified and researched by leading institutions from the United States and Canada. Ready to officially launch for the first time in Thailand by carrying a total of 7 product groups MKA By Dr.Kingsley which can be said to be able to answer all skin types Confidently reveal beautiful, healthy skin.

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The beginning of MKA By Dr.Kingsley

Dr.Kingsley reveals that MKA By Dr.Kingsley was born from the discovery of high purity natural ingredients. in order to create a precursor with special properties as well as the use of scientific processes in production Which can be called a perfect blend of science and nature.

It is also unique in that it is the main ingredient under the brand. It is extracted from pure natural mud. On the island of British Columbia, Canada Through the invention and research by a team of American physicians and scientists extracted with the best technology To store nutrients for the microbiome (Microbiome) and natural minerals in the pure mud. Has anti-inflammatory properties reduce wrinkles Adjust the skin color to be smooth. It has been tested to be gentle on the skin from a reliable research institute. It has been proven that MKA By Dr.Kingsley is a highly effective skin care product. It is also developed to suit all skin types. sure to be gentle Even sensitive skin Helps to balance the skin to be healthy and strong webtoon.

In addition, MKA By Dr.Kingsley has focused on the middle and upper market segments, seeing opportunities in the skin care business in Thailand. Capturing the growing natural product market Ready to move forward to penetrate the market of premium quality skin care products. At an affordable price In the beginning, the distribution strategy was laid through online platforms such as Facebook, the website and @Line Official, as well as to expand the market to beauty commerce, a full-fledged online buy-sell market such as Shopee and Lazada to expand. customer base and reach a wider audience

What are MKA By Dr.Kingsley products?

 Skin care products that help restore deep into the skin layer. for both internal and external beauty results Together with experts who have knowledge and understanding of the principles of skin work. Therefore, extracts from pure natural sources have been sought. Developed to be a combination that works together perfectly. And is exclusive to MKA By Dr.Kingsley divided into 7 product groups:


A pure mud mask from Canadian glaciers. Balance the microbiome Helps restore skin quickly Contains more than 20 types of skin nutrients that deeply cleanse the skin in one step. Through research that helps inflammation of the skin, reduce acne inflammation, pimples, balance the skin back to be strong, youthful, healthy.


A day cream with Water Lock™ technology to help retain moisture in the skin. Strengthen the balance of the skin And protect your skin from the sun with SPF-30.


Night cream for facial skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles with Retinyl Palmitate / Niacinamide, a proven ingredient. Helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots, freckles effectively and is gentle on the skin.


Whitening formula facial cream that combines more than 7 types of Active Whitening together. Help nourish the skin to be clear mhtspace. Reduce dark spots, blemishes, freckles, acne scars Does not make the skin susceptible to the occurrence of dark spots. Reveals more radiant skin in 2 weeks interbiography.


Serum to nourish the skin around the eyes. reduce dark circles under the eyes Reduce swelling of bags under the eyes Helps to lift and tighten the skin around the eyes With natural extracts that help soothe the delicate skin around the eyes as well overallnetworth.


A complete locking makeup spray with pure Canadian glacial mud minerals. Ready to add skin food Moisturize the skin during the day. Lock makeup to make it last longer. And protect your skin from the sun with SPF-15 techybio


Lip gel that nourishes the skin of the lips Helps restore the skin around the lips Reduce dryness, peeling, deep grooves, flaky, help adjust the color of the lips to look natural. Protect your lips from the sun historyglow.

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