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When choosing a material for a keychain, it’s essential to choose one that’s environmentally friendly. There are many options available, and you’ll want to consider things such as the material itself, its recycled content, and how it can be customized.

Customization options

Vograce acrylic keychain are made in a professional factory. These products are durable and odourless. They are available in different sizes, colours and designs.

Acrylic is a transparent chemical material commonly used in the construction industry. It is resistant to moisture and weather and can be cut, moulded, and dyed.

Acrylic is commonly used in the craft industry and in advertising and promotional gifts. Many people like to use acrylic keychains because of their appealing appearance. In addition, they are durable and transparent. Moreover, they are affordable.

Acrylic keychains can be customized with epoxy coatings. Customers can choose from a variety of designs, including rainbow-like designs. And they can add a glitter epoxy coating.

You can also customize Vograce acrylic photocard holders with holographic decorations. They are water-resistant and lightweight. They can be decorated with epoxy inserts and holographic embellishments. The metal chain used for the keychains is stainless steel.

In addition, customers can also opt for sequins, candy, or custom candy keychains. Vograce will make the custom candy keychains by cutting, inflating, adding fillers, or printing plates.


Acrylic keychains are one of the most popular promotional gifts. They have a variety of uses, such as being used as anime accessories or advertising promotional items. And they’re easy to customize. You can put your logo, name, and phone number on it.

Vograce custom acrylic keychains are made with precision and accuracy. These keychains are sturdy, durable, and colourful. They can be painted or even silver and gold plated. Besides, they’re reversible.

Acrylic keychains are also light, making them perfect for pocket accessories. Moreover, they’re a great way to show your style. The keychains can be customized, which means you can make them as colourful as you like.

Depending on the needs of your business, Vograce will design a keychain suited for your brand. It can be made of different colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can find something that matches your business’s personality.

Acrylic is a chemical material that can be easily dyed and shaped. It is water-resistant and odourless.


Acrylic key chains are pieces of jewellery commonly purchased as souvenirs and gifts. They are made of acrylic plastic and are usually clear.

Acrylic is a material that can be recycled. However, the process of recycling is not a widespread practice. Only a few facilities are currently equipped to deal with the decomposition of acrylic plastic.

The process of recycling acrylic involves several intermediate steps. First, raw materials are shipped to a manufacturing facility. Next, the acrylic is melted without air to prevent any toxic reactions.

Acrylic is a recyclable material, but it is not biodegradable. Incineration of acrylic can produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions.

While recycling can be used to recycle acrylic, it only sometimes works. This is because acrylic can only be recycled if it is not damaged or cracked.

To ensure that the process of recycling works, manufacturers should follow the guidelines of the plastic industry. Additionally, manufacturers should provide proof that their products are recyclable.


Acrylic custom keychains are one of the most popular and environmentally friendly promotional products. They are easy to clean, durable, and have a variety of designs and colours.

Vograce has created a line of acrylic keychains that are affordable and environmentally friendly. You can purchase these keychains on their website or through various retailers. The prices are reasonable, and you can get free shipping.

Acrylic keychains are made of high-quality acrylic and stainless steel and are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and odourless. These products are available in a wide range of colours, and you can have them personalized with custom artwork or epoxy coating.

The custom transparent acrylic keychains from Vograce are an excellent option for quick access. You can customize them with your company logo, a special message, or a charm.

Acrylic keychains are also easy to recycle. This makes them an excellent choice for any promotional campaign. You can order through UPS or FedEx if you want to get your keychains shipped worldwide.


Acrylic keychains are one of the most popular accessories today. They are lightweight, durable and have a beautiful appearance. However, many people wonder how they are made.

Acrylic keychains are usually made of three different elements. They consist of a chain, loop and clasp. These elements are made of different materials, including stainless steel, polymethyl methacrylate and a trinket.

Stainless steel is used in making acrylic keychains because it is corrosion-resistant and has a clean and shiny appearance. It is also considered a 100% recyclable material.

Acrylic keychains can be printed with a variety of images. If you use an image, choose a colour that can stand up to sunlight and UV rays.

Generally, acrylic plastic is not biodegradable. It can be recycled, but recycling is more complicated than other plastics. Several facilities can handle the decomposition of acrylic, but the process requires a lot of energy.

Typically, acrylic keychains are sent out in mass production. This means they are shipped in bulk through aeroplanes, freight ships, and trucks. Most of them end up in landfills.

Many acrylic keychains are made of silver or gold-plated materials. These can be colourful and bright. Some of them are even rainbow-like.

Key chains are a popular small gift for friends and family. People often take their critical chains as souvenirs. A key chain can be attached to various objects, such as a phone or a pen.


For the most part, it’s best to go with an established brand for this type of gift. One of our favourite manufacturers, Vograce, offers a variety of high-quality acrylic keychains at a reasonable price. So, if you want something more personalized, make a beeline for their website. The website is easy to navigate, and the staff is more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

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